How to Know if G-sync Is Working? Easy Guide to understand

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You can know it by checking the indicator from the settings option. 

If you are worried about your Gsync of monitor work, just let it go. You can quickly figure it out very easily. 

But can you check it out by the dictator all the time? No. Sometimes your Gsync just is not working for the games or display settings. So, I am here with all the solutions to the Gsync problem you are facing up. 

Before checking your Gsync, you have to know, actually what a Gsync is.

How to Know if Gsync Is Working

What is G-sync?

G sync is a technology, which offers you a tranquil monitor display, with a higher refresh rate. At present, most monitors have a fixed refresh rate and it is 60Hz. It’s fair enough for most computer games. But when it has come to the more adventurous games like call of duty or PUBG, you need a higher refresh rate for your proper enjoyment. 

How Do I Know G-sync Is Working Properly?

So, before this question, you have to be sure about the support of Gsync in your monitor. Not all the monitors support the Gsync, as it needs a specific hardware configuration. So, check your monitor model on the Nvidia manual, in which all Gsync is supported monitor has been enlisted. Then just follow the following instruction given below:

  1. Go to the Nvidia menu and go to the Gsync indicator and enable it. 
  2. Now, the Gsync has turned on
  3. And when you will run the high graphics video game on your computer, the green indicator light confirms your Gsync is On

Sounding a laughing stock, you can check it by touching your monitor. As Gsync is a high technology, during running this, your monitor will be heated. 

When Do You Need G-sync?

Gsync reduces some display problems like glitching and screen tearing and shuttering and gives you smooth feelings during gaming. So, if you are fond of smooth and speedy gaming, Gsync can give you a better experience. 

Is the G-sync Option Absence in Control Panel?

If your monitor is in Nvidia supported list but you can’t get the Gsync option, don’t panic. Possibly your drivers are not set up automatically, so, you have to instate the drivers manually to fix the problem. 

Does Monitor Lag Because of G-sync?

All the problems do not occur due to G sync, your display remains at a slow refresh rate or lag during gaming. In this case, first, check your monitor settings and enable the highest refresh rate. Sometimes you have to make some changes in the game settings and have to make the games in full screen. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does G-sync Effective On 144hz Refresh Rate?

Yes, it is effective. Gsync reduces lag and gives a better output of your visualization. And it is just not for a higher refresh rate monitor, it can also work on a 144 Hz refresh rate and can give you a smoother experience.

Can G-sync Reduce the Battery Life?

Yes, it can. As Gsync is a high technology, it reduces your battery span surely. But, it doesn’t hamper the battery by producing heat, as Nvidia claimed that it is optimized with battery. 

Do you face Any Trouble turning on G sync?

If you face a hardship to turn the Gsync on, restart your computer as well as your monitor. If you run multiple monitors at the same time, put them off and just power up the Gsync-enabled monitor. In most cases, a restart can fix the problem.  

It is Possible to Turn off Gsync at any time?

Technically, of course. The full control is in your hand. But if you are habituated to this, then you might not want to go back to your slow, lagging monitor. 

Which Is Better? G-sync or FreeSync? 

Gsync is the best, without any doubt. Because Gsync can prevent the screen from shuttering and lagging. On the other hand, freeSync can not prevent monitor lag, it just minimizes them.


All the functions of Gsync are related to giving us a better output of the display. It ensures a smooth, fast, and shutter-free monitor experience, but it has nothing to do with resolution. Many of us have the faulty perception that Gsync can develop the resolution of the video. And that is not true. Additionally, it is a costly technology, so you have to decide if it is worth it for you or not. 

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