How to Make SATA to USB Converter at Home | Easy Guidelines

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Serial Advanced Technology Attachment aka SATA drive is an internal hard drive that is connected to a motherboard and power supply via a SATA cable. The SATA drives in the computer ought to be removed in particularly challenging circumstances.

Internal and external connections are made possible through the Universal Serial Bus aka USB cable. Any computer with USB ports can externally connect to a hard disk that has been converted from SATA to USB. 

You can create your own SATA to USB converter to connect a SATA hard drive to a USB port. That’s the time when this thought may come to your mind – How to make SATA to USB converter at home?

So, if you’re wishing to do so, we’re here to guide you with the most prominent information.

How to Make SATA to USB Converter at Home

Why Do You Need to Make SATA to USB Converter?

SATA drives are generally intended to be installed inside computers, which necessitates opening the casing and connecting the drives to the motherboard’s ports.

But in some circumstances, this procedure might be excessively difficult or perhaps impossible to complete. Additionally, SATA drives need to be removed from the computer owing to a substantial risk of malfunctioning hardware, a catastrophic operating system crash, overwriting the lost files, or other technological limits.

A SATA hard disk can be moved to an internal SATA slot of another computer after being removed from the former device. Though a standard motherboard can only support roughly 4 to 6 of them, that computer can also be low on accessible SATA ports.

Additionally, because laptops have physical space limitations and are a little harder to disassemble than desktops, this strategy is not practical for them either.

By converting this SATA drive into an external drive connected to a USB port rather than the motherboard, any of these problems can be simply eliminated.

How Do Make SATA to USB Converter at Home?

With the use of the converter, you can quickly convert any internal SATA hard drive into a detachable USB device. Here, we’ll state the procedure of making a SATA to USB converter with some easy steps. You just have to follow them accordingly.

Step 1: Before connecting the converter to your computer, ensure installing any associated application. To prevent ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) from damaging the SATA hard drive, put on an ESD wristband for safety.

Step 2: SATA data cable should be plugged into the converter’s 7-pin socket from one end.

Step 3: Make sure that the SATA drive is also connected to the other end of the 7-pin socket of the SATA data cable.

Step 4: The 15-pin SATA power cable from the AC adapter should be inserted into the 15-pin socket next to the data cable of the SATA hard drive.

Step 5: Your desktop or laptop computer should have USB ports. Attach the USB cable from the converter to it.

Step 6: Plug the three-prong connector on the AC adapter into the three-socket connector at the end of the power cable. The SATA to USB connector will be powered by plugging the power cable into an outlet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does SATA to USB conversion need power?

It does, indeed. The USB port on your computer must supply electricity to the SATA drive adapter. Even though any conventional SATA drive can be plugged in, USB connections only give a small amount of power and cannot power all of the SATA devices connected to the cable.

What does SATA to USB cable do?

You can switch between devices with the SATA to USB adapter connector to copy or access data from an external SATA HDD or SSD. For devoted users who require quick access to SATA drives, the cable is suitable.

How to turn a hard drive into a USB drive?

For external use of an internal hard drive, adhere to the following steps:

  • Choose the internal hard drive you want to use.
  • Install the drive inside a case.
  • Ensure internal connections.
  • The hard drive casing must be sealed.
  • Connect the case to the computer.
  • Connect and launch the hard drive.

Is a USB flash drive better than HDD?

Actually, external hard disks and USB flash drives both works well in terms of storing data. However, the external hard disk really has a greater capacity, a longer life expectancy, and a faster transfer speed. As a result, it costs more as well.


As you can see, making a SATA to USB converter is not a very difficult task. You can easily make it at home by following our suggested method. Hopefully, this article has helped you find the right solution for your needs by providing relevant information.

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