Is It Ok to Run Coax and Cat6 Together? | Showing Running Methods

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Renovating your house or replacing the old wiring? It can be a bit confusing if you should put all the wires together. As they sit under the wall and there is no replacing them anytime you want, you have to be cautious about it. 

So is it ok to run coax and Cat6 together or not? Can you put them in with the electrical wire? The answer is yes for coax and Cat6 to stay together, but should be kept separated from the electrical wiring. Why? We’ll explain in detail. 

Also, can you use both coax and Cat6 together in the same device or not, that is also a question to think about. 

Is It Ok to Run Coax and Cat6 Together

Running Coax and Cat6 Together | Risky or Not

First things first, you can run coax and Cat6 cables together. There is no risk or harm in doing it. 

But there are a few things you have to keep in mind while doing that. Here is a list you have to do in order to get an uninterrupted connection on both ends. 

  1. Keep the cables (coax and Cat6) separated from each other. Coax cables cause interference. Hence your internet connection will be hampered. 
  2. Do not mix both cables with electrical wiring. Why? Same reason, interference. This time the electrical wire will interfere with both the coax and Cat6 cables. 

As we know now you can run them together, but have to keep them separate, how do you do that? Obviously not by wrapping tape around it! There are 3 different separator methods you can apply to keep both the Cat6 and coax cable from interfering with each other. 

Separator Method 1:

As the name implies, it’s a simple cable separator. It has ports for all types of cable there is. And you can get a coax and Cat6 separator one and plug the cables through. It will keep them not only separated but also organized at the same time!

Separator Method 2:

There’s a sleeve for everything these days. Your smartphone, art supply, pen, and yes you guessed it, your cables! These flexible rubber tube-like sleeves are built to keep cables separated and also safe at the same time. This comes in handy when you are not changing your coax and cat cables for a very long time. 

Separator Method 3:

Can’t forget the good old wall plates. They are like your plugin electrical sockets, but better. You will need to connect the wall plate and plug in your Cat6 and coax cable to it. And you are done! Different manufacturers have different preferences like separate wiring and instructions to install them. So pay close attention to the manual before installing. 

Can You Use Coax and Cat6 Cable on the Same Device

Well of course you can! With a simple media converter, you can use both Cat6 and coax cables on the same device. 

As coax cables are used for video transmission and Cat6 for internet connectivity, you can use them on the same device. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What is the minimum distance between Cat6 and the power cable?

The minimum distance between Cat6 and the power cable should be 300 mm or 12 inches to avoid electrical interference. But if there are ducting or separators involved, the distance can be 50 mm or 2 inches. 

Is Ethernet over coax slow?

Not necessarily. But ethernet over coax can get slow if some factors are not checked. These include the coax connectors, type of coaxial cable used, interference, and distance between the two devices. All of these factors can slow down your ethernet to coax connection. 

How fast is coax vs Cat6?

Both Coax and Cat6 are similarly fast having a 10 Gbps transfer speed. But everything depends on the quality of the cable, and what purpose would it serves. As Coax has only one wire as the connection and transfer method, it is faster and more reliable to outside harm. Although Cat6 has 4 wires in it and can get confusing, it is very flexible and can withstand a lot of twists and turns. 

Is coaxial faster than Ethernet?

Yes. Coaxial cables are faster than Ethernet as they only have one wire for transmission. But there are other factors that might come into play like the device that is used to establish the connection, the condition that the connection is in (interference, connectors, weather), and the length of the connection which ultimately will bring the speed down of a coaxial cable too. 


So it is established, you can run coax and Cat6 together at any point in time. Just don’t let it get in each other’s way. And definitely don’t keep them close to the electrical wiring. Following the separation methods will do you a long-lasting effect and ensure a better connection. 

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