60 FPS vs 120 FPS | What’s the Difference?

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A debate about what fps is better has been going around for a long time. Because generally more frames per second i.e., 120fps mean better visuals. But some say that a lower fps (60fps) gets the job done and is sometimes even better than running on a high fps.

Yes, it is very confusing but in short, 60fps is available to most people because of its affordability. It is however not as smooth as 120fps. For competitive games, it is better to run them at 120fps for the best gaming experience but 60fps is enough for casual gaming and day-to-day uses like browsing the internet.

Here we will be going into more detail about 60fps and 120fps and discuss the differences between them.

60 FPS vs 120 FPS

What Are 60fps and 120fps and What Do They Do?

Essentially, FPS (Frames Per Second), aka frame rate, means the number of frames or images that can be consecutively displayed on the screen every second. So, 60fps means that 60 images will be displayed every second consecutively.

Higher fps equals more frames being displayed per second, which equals a much smoother viewing experience. So, 60fps will never beat 120fps when it comes to pure visual delight. However, there are other aspects to consider that we will be diving into in the next section.

Differences Between 60fps and 120fps

The differences between these two frame rates vary depending on the situation and task you’re performing at that time. The noticeable difference also varies. However, there are a few differences that can change your visual experience completely. Here are the differences –

1. Performance in Gaming

Games with dynamic visuals are best experienced in high FPS. Because dynamic scenes and fast transitions are best in frame rate. Same with competitive games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, World of Warcraft, CS:GO, etc. These games perform best at 120fps due to how precise you need to be in certain moments.

Static games or slower-paced games don’t require as much. 60fps is more than enough to enjoy such games with slow-motion scenes and slower transitions. They don’t need to be played at more than 60fps because they are not natively made for it so it is best to enjoy those games at 60fps.

However, you can experiment with it as you like since these are not universal rules. Play them as you like and discover what suits you best.

2. Graphics Effects

Graphics rendering is much better in 120fps than 60fps. Games nowadays are much more demanding than before. Games from the past decades can run at 60fps without any issues, but newly released games and upcoming ones perform much better at 120fps.

Some of these high-end games are very complex and contain so much detail in their graphics that without 120fps, you won’t be able to properly render them. So, running these games at 60fps is not optimal since you might experience frame drops, lag, stutter, etc.

3. Latency

Latency refers to lag or input latency and the lower the latency, the better your reflexes. So, 120fps wins here as well since it offers lower latency than 60fps. Sure, single-player or non-competitive games can still run at 60fps since the latency is more or less irrelevant in those games.

But fast-paced games released in recent years perform much better at 120fps because of the lower input lag. It is also an important factor in competitive games since higher latency means slower reflexes which can affect the game you’re playing negatively.

Our Verdict

Judging by pure facts, 120fps wins in every aspect. But you don’t need to go for 120fps. For most people who just want to enjoy casual gaming, 60fps will be enough for you. And if you’re a competitive gamer, go with 120fps. Don’t forget to also look at your wallet before making any decisions since 120fps is much more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is 60 fps vs 120 fps noticeable?

If you’re not a competitive gamer who pays attention to details in graphics then no, you won’t be able to tell the difference that much with the naked eye.

How much FPS is overkill?

Anything over 120fps is overkill since it becomes unnoticeable. You won’t be able to tell the difference anymore.


Lastly, both 60fps and 120fps are great for gaming and also for doing other daily tasks. It only depends on what you find more suitable for you. We hope that we were able to help you get a better understanding of 60fps and 120fps and helped you decide on which is better for you. If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us in the comments section.

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