26 Computer Port Symbols and Their Functions

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In PC equipment, a port fills in as an interface between the PC and different PCs or fringe gadgets. In PC terms, a port, by and large, alludes to the piece of a registering gadget accessible for association with peripherals, for example, info and yield gadgets. PC ports have numerous utilizations, to associate a screen, webcam, speakers, or other fringe gadgets. Computer port symbols like console port symbol, USB symbol, computer connector symbols, computer plug symbols, etc are used for the identification of different pc port symbols. To perfectly use the computer device, we must know about various computer ports. So, why waiting?

Computer Port Symbol

Computer Port Symbols or Computer Connection Symbols

On the physical layer, a PC port is a particular outlet on a bit of gear to which a fitting or link associates. Actually, you will find a lot of symbols on back of computer just like usb connector. Electronically, the few conductors where the port and link contacts interface, give a technique to move flags between gadgets. The article gives a short prologue to various sorts of computer port symbols chart or computer port icons like laptop port symbols alongside their applications.

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Optical Audio Port

You’ll discover these on the rear of PCs, HDTVs, media beneficiaries, and that’s just the beginning, however scarcely anybody utilizes them. That little oft-disregarded port can be a genuine saver, however.

A champion in sound/video showcase at home is the optical sound link. Not at all like other cabling norms, the optical sound framework utilizes fiber-optic links and laser light to transmit computerized sound signals in between gadgets. The standard was presented path in 1983 by Toshiba and was initially proposed for use with their juvenile Compact Disk players. This is the reason you’ll now and again hear them alluded to as Toshiba-Link or TOSLINK links.

Optical Audio Port

USB A Port

USB Type-A, Regular USB port symbols Description: USB (all-inclusive sequential transport) is the most widely recognized PC and work area connector by a long shot. The average USB standard port is known as USB Type-A and has a straightforward, rectangular shape. Contingent upon the equipment, it very well may be prepared to do either USB-2.0 or USB-3.0 rates for computer port symbols.

USB A Port

Firewire Symbol

Alongside USB cable, Firewire (likewise called IEEE 1394) is another well-known connector for adding peripherals to your PC. Firewire is regularly used to associate advanced camcorders, outside hard drives, and different gadgets that can profit by the high exchange rates (up to 480 Mbps) upheld by the Firewire association. The iSight camera utilized for talking on the Mac associates utilizing a Firewire link. Notwithstanding interfacing peripherals, for example, camcorders or outside hard drives, Firewire can be utilized to associate two PCs to move documents.

Firewire Port

Ethernet 8P8C

8P8C is a regularly utilized network port symbol in PC systems administration and phone applications, where the attachment on each end is an 8P8C secluded fitting wired by a TIA/EIA standard. Most wired Ethernet port symbol arrange interchanges today are persisted Category 5e or Category 6 link with an 8P8C measured attachment pleated on each end.

Ethernet 8P8C

Modem RJ- 11

Numerous PCs have an RJ11 port with specific computer port symbols. On workstations it is for the most part on the PC, on PCs, it will be at the back, or on the front someplace close to the DVD plate. The fundamental reason for this attachment is to interface with dial-up modems. The RJ11 jack is generally promptly close to another attachment, which appears to be identical, just is somewhat more extensive. This is the RJ45 arrange attachment and is the more common connector these days to interface with a DSL Internet administration. Both these attachments are wired to a system connector, which is answerable for changing over PC information into an arrangement worthy of the system.

Modem RJ- 11

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Apple Desktop Bus

Mac Desktop Bus, or ADB, is a sequential interface created by Apple for associating peripherals, for example, consoles, mice, and designs tablets to PCs. ADB utilizes a smaller than normal DIN 4 connector, indistinguishable from that utilized by S-video.

Apple Desktop Bus

ADB was created by Steve Wozniak for the Apple IIgs device, and it was later acquainted with the Macintosh II to supplant the first Mac’s console explicit connector. ADB permits up to 16 gadgets to be “daisy-tied”— associated in the arrangement—to the host PC. ADB on the Macintosh device was a hot-trade interface: Mac OS would check the transport intermittently during vertical clear hinders for new gadgets. In any case, Apple neglected to give flood insurance on the transport, and hot-trading ADB gadgets conveyed the danger of harming the motherboard; in that capacity, hot-trading is generally prohibited.

MAC Serial Port Symbol

Macintosh’s are great apparatuses for getting to sequential gadget TTY ports (to reassure into PBX’s, switches, and switches). You simply need a sequential to the USB cable connector, the correct driver, and some Terminal programming. You can utilize a screen, despite the fact that Minicom (or a GUI program) offers more highlights and usefulness.

MAC Serial Port

Ps/2 Port

The PS/2 (Personal System/2) port, likewise alluded to as the mouse port or console port, was created by IBM. It is utilized to associate a PC mouse or console to an IBM good PC. The PS/2 port is a small-scale DIN plug that contains six pins that are still now and then found on all IBM perfect PCs.

Ps/2 Port

DE 9F Port

DE-9 is the fundamental port for RS-232 sequential correspondence. It is a D-sub connector with an E shell and is frequently mistaken as DB-9. A DE-9 port is additionally called a COM port and permits full duplex sequential correspondence between the PC and it’s fringe.

DE 9F Port

A portion of the utilization of the DE-9 port is a sequential interface with a mouse, console, modem, uninterruptible force supplies (UPS), and other outer RS-232 perfect gadgets. To get the best cable, give it a try-

Parallel Port

An equal port is a kind of interface found on PCs (individual and something else) for associating peripherals. The name alludes to how the information is sent; equal ports send various bits of information without a moment’s delay, rather than sequential interfaces that send bits each in turn. To do this, equal ports require different information lines in their links and port connectors and will in general be bigger than contemporary sequential ports which just require one information line.

Parallel Port

Serial Port

An offbeat port on the PC used to associate a sequential gadget to the PC and fit for transmitting the slightest bit at once. Sequential ports are generally distinguished on IBM’s good PCs as COM (interchanges) ports. For instance, a mouse may interface with COM1 and a modem to COM2. The image shows the DB9 sequential connector computer port symbols on a link.

Serial Port


eSATA is a SATA connector available from outside the PC, to give a sign (however not power) association for outer capacity gadgets. eSATAp joins the usefulness of an eSATA and a USB standard port, and a wellspring of intensity in a solitary connector.


AT Keyboard Port

On the other hand alluded to as the Model F console, the AT console is a US standard console presented in 1986 by IBM.

The first form had 84-keys however was then supplanted by the 101-key improved console. In contrast to new consoles, the AT console does exclude the extra three Microsoft Windows keys currently found on numerous IBM perfect consoles.

AT Keyboard Port

An AT console may likewise be utilized to depict a console that utilizes the AT (Din5) port as appeared in the representation. The Din5 Port is infrequently utilized today since most PCs and peripheral devices use either PS/2 or USB device consoles.


A SCSI port can transmit information at rates of more than 320 Mbps and can bolster up to 15 gadgets. In the event that a solitary SCSI gadget is associated with a SCSI port, the link can be up to 80 feet (24.4 m) long. On the off chance that various SCSI gadgets are associated with a SCSI port, the link can be up to 40 (12.2 m) feet long. A SCSI port on a PC can be one of three distinct sorts.

  • DB-25 female connector
  • High-thickness 50-pin female connector
  • High-thickness 68-pin female connector

Surround Sound Port or Audio Jack Symbols on Computer

Encompass sound is a procedure for improving the devotion and profundity of sound multiplication by utilizing various sound channels from speakers that encompass the audience (encompass channels). Its first application was in cinemas. Preceding encompass sound, theater sound frameworks ordinarily had three “screen channels” of sound, from amplifiers situated before the crowd at the left, focus, and right. Encompass sound includes at least one channel from amplifiers behind the audience, ready to make the vibe of sound originating from any even bearing 360° around the audience. Encompass sound arrangements fluctuate in the generation and recording strategies alongside the number and situating of extra channels. The most well-known encompass sound detail, the ITU’s 5.1 norm, calls for 6 speakers: Center (C) before the audience, Left (L) and Right (R) at edges of 60° on either side of the inside, and Left Surround (LS) and Right Surround (Rs) at points of 100–120°, in addition to a subwoofer whose position isn’t basic.

Surround Sound Port


An AAUI (Apple connection unit interface) is the 14-or 15-nail port or association interface to prior models of Macintosh PCs that permitted it to be associated with a short interface link (or “handset”) to an Ethernet link. Afterward or further developed models give a standard enlisted jack (10BaseT) association from an Ethernet-proficient Macintosh to the Ethernet link.

Composite Audio Port/Video Port

The most well-known port for sound/video is called RCA or Composite Audio/Video. RCA Cables have Red and White connectors for digital Audio and Yellow for Video. Generally, the red sound link is for the right speaker sound and white is for the left speaker sound. The yellow link ordinarily comprises of an alternate arrangement of metal intended to convey a video signal.

Composite Audio /Video Port

S-Video Port

In the 1990s, another video association supplanted the Yellow Video wire in RCA associations. While RCA conveyed all the video data to the gadget, a few gadgets were expected to isolate highly contrasting information from shading information so as to make a higher goal picture.

S-Video utilizes a comparative technique to Coaxial as it conveys Black and White signals on inside wires while shading is sent on the isolated wire that is protected and folded over the middle wires. S-Video has to a great extent been eliminated for Component Video Connections. S-Video depends on independent sound associations, for example, RCA or Optical associations.

S-Video Port

Component Video Port

In the most recent decade, the general move-in video innovation has been toward advanced signs and HD goals. Tragically, the old video and sound exchange techniques were simple and unsuited to the Digital Age and HD TV. Therefore, Component Video and Optical (sound) associations were added to items with HD and Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound capacity. While Component Video is as yet a simple sign, the links are fit for transmitting a decoded computerized signal in a simple arrangement to a TV or Projector. Each video yield gadget (ie TVs) utilizes three hues to deliver its picture. The red, green, and blue shading coding recognizes which harmony is intended to move which shading. More excellent links have more extensive scopes of obstruction and subsequently can move the sign over longer lengths of wire, and lessen corruption inside the sign, delivering predominant pictures.

Component Video Port

VGA Port Symbol

VGA port is found in numerous PCs, projectors, video cards, and High Definition TVs. It is a D-sub connector comprising of 15 pins in 3 lines. The connector is called DE-15 as one of the most used monitor port symbols.

VGA Port

VGA port is the principal interface among PCs and more established CRT screens. Indeed, even the advanced LCD and LED screens support VGA ports however the image quality is diminished. VGA cable conveys simple video flags up to a goal of 648X480.

DVI Port Symbol

DVI is a fast advanced interface between a showcase controller like a PC and a presentation gadget like a screen. It was created with a point of transmitting lossless advanced video flags and supplant the simple VGA innovation.

DVI Port

There are three sorts of DVI connectors dependent on the signs it can convey: DVI-I, DVI-D, and DVI-A. DVI-I is a DVI port with coordinated simple and computerized signals. DVI-D underpins just advanced signs and DVI-A backings just simple signs.

The advanced signs can be either a single connection or double connection where a solitary connection bolsters a computerized signal up to 1920X1080 goals and a double connection underpins an advanced sign up to 2560X1600 goals. The accompanying picture analyzes the structures of DVI-I, DVI-D, and DVI-A sorts alongside the pinouts.

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Mini Display Port Symbol

The Mini Display Port icons (MiniDP or mDP) is a scaled-down rendition of the DisplayPort symbols broad media computerized interface with its computer port symbols.

Mini Display Port

It was reported by Apple in October 2008. Macintosh originally presented it in late 2008 models, and by mid-2013 all-new Apple Macintosh PCs had the port, as did the LED Cinema Display. However, in 2016 Apple started eliminating the port and supplanting it with the new USB C connector or type C port. The Mini DisplayPort symbol on PC is likewise fitted to some PC motherboards, and some PC scratchpad from Asus, Microsoft, MSI, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, Dell, and different producers.

Not at all like its Mini-DVI and Micro-DVI forerunners, the Mini DisplayPort connector can drive show gadgets with goals up to 2560×1600 (WQXGA) in its DisplayPort 1.1a execution, and 4096×2160 (4K) in its DisplayPort 1.2 usage. With a connector, the Mini DisplayPort can drive show gadgets with VGA, DVI, or HDMI interfaces.

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Mini VGA Port

Small VGA connectors are a non-standard, exclusive option utilized on certain PCs and different frameworks instead of the standard VGA connector, albeit most workstations utilize a standard VGA connector. Apple, HP, and Asus have separate executions utilizing a similar name.

HDMI Port Symbol

Short for High Definition Multimedia Interface, HDMI is a connector and link equipped for transmitting high-caliber and high-transfer speed surges of sound and video between gadgets. The HDMI symbol on desktop computer innovation is utilized with gadgets, for example, an HDTV, Projector, DVD player, or Blu-beam player. The image is a case of an HDMI link from Mediabridge.

Micro DVI Port

The Micro-DVI port is an exclusive video yield port found in the first MacBook Air. It is littler than the Mini-DVI port utilized by its MacBook models. To utilize the port for showing the video on a standard screen or TV, a connector must be utilized.

Symbol for DisplayPort

DisplayPort, condensed as DP, is a computerized sound and video interface made by VESA. Its associations come in two assortments: standard, (appeared in the image) and the littler Mini DisplayPort. In spite of the distinction in size, both association types transmit indistinguishable signs.

DisplayPort links are fundamentally the same as fast HDMI as far as data transfer rate capacity, yet can have a lot higher revive rate at top goals (60 Hz versus HDMI’s 24 Hz). A DisplayPort-to-HDMI converter link is accessible, to associate a DisplayPort to an HDMI port.


In this article, we’ve discussed 26 computer port symbols and computer ports definition, their origins, and their applications. Computer port symbols are greatly useful for identifying the proper connector, compatible hardware, computer cable symbols, and many more.

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