Does Dual Channel RAM Increase FPS? Better FPS Results in Separate Channels

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You may have seen a lot of people debating that single channel RAM is enough for gaming or video editing and rendering and some saying that dual channels are best. However, it depends on a lot of things that determine whether you need a dual channel or a single one.

If you are also confused about this fact, then all the confusion will be cleared after reading this article. So, let’s read it out by the end quickly.

Does Dual Channel RAM Increase Fps

Does Dual Channel RAM Increase FPS?

Before going any further, let’s be sure whether the dual channel RAM affects FPS or not.

In a word, yes, RAM makes an extraordinary change to the FPS. However, it depends on various factors which are described below:

  1. A single RAM processes data on a single channel. On the other hand, dual RAM process data to the processor using two different channels. So, if you are using the most powerful RAM on a single channel, it is still less than using two lower-grade RAMs on dual channels.
  2. A single-channel RAM takes longer to send data to the processor than a dual-channel RAM. Therefore, dual-channel RAM increases the speed. Also, dual-channel RAM gathers data faster than single-channel RAM.
  3. If you use a highly powerful RAM to pass data, and two weak RAMs using two channels to pass it, it will be still slower than the dual-channel.
  4. You cannot find differences between dual-channel RAM and single-channel RAM until you are playing games or rendering videos.

How Does the Dual Channel RAM Increase FPS?

As now you know that RAM affects FPS, now let’s see how dual channel RAM increase FPS.

Dual channel RAM slightly increases the FPS which is 10-17% higher than a single channel RAM. The single-channel RAM uses one link to send the data whereas the dual-channel RAM uses two links to pass it.

Now, let’s imagine you are moving on a single-lane road. You may reach late because there will be a lot of traffic. But if you move through a double lane, then you must reach faster because you will be able to bypass the traffic.

Similarly, if the data pass through a single line, then it will reach slower than a dual line. So, naturally, it will increase the FPS and you will experience a smoother performance using dual-channel RAM.

Advantages of Using Dual Channel RAMs

Dual channel RAM not only increases the FPS but also provides lots of benefits to the users. Here are the benefits of using dual channel RAMs:

  • The Frames rates per Second (FPS) is a very important factor for gaming or video rendering. If the FPS is higher then you can experience smooth gameplay. The FPS can get faster by using dual-channel RAMs instead of using single-channel RAM.
  • Dual channel RAM doesn’t affect the graphics performance of the computer.
  • It will make the rendering smoother than before.
  • It is best for those users who overclock their system at an extreme level. Fortunately, the dual channel RAM supports the tweaks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dual-channel RAM Boost FPS?

Yes, dual-channel RAM slightly increases the FPS. However, it varies from game to game. But in general, the rate of increased FPS using the dual channel is 10% to 17%.

Is Dual-channel Ram Better for Gaming?

The gaming performance depends on the increasing rate of FPS and the FPS is increased by 10-12% using dual-channel RAM. Again, dual-channel RAM increases the memory bandwidth which reduces the CPU usage rate. The lower the CPU usage rate the better the gaming performance.

How Much Performance Do You Get from Dual-channel Ram?

According to the Benchmark testing rate, the Dual Channel Memory configuration has performed 17% better than the Single Channel Memory configuration.

Can Increasing RAM Increase FPS?

The answer is yes but not fully. If you are using the Single Channel RAM, and you increased RAM, then you may not see the improvement. But if you use the Dual Channel RAM then it will obviously increase the FPS.

Can Damaged RAM Affect FPS?

The RAM is connected to the FPS. So, yes, lower quality or bad RAM will reduce the performance of the processor which surely will affect the FPS. The processor will face latency in transferring and processing data because of the damaged ram which will lead to an FPS drop while playing games or rendering videos.


To conclude, Dual Channel RAM uses two separate channels resulting in higher bus speeds which increase the FPS. However, you need to ensure that your monitor is capable of supporting a higher refresh rate or it will be meaning less using the Dual Channel RAM.

Hopefully, you have got your answer after reading this article. If you have any queries, then feel free to ask in our comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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