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GeForce is known for its powerful GPU, aimed at gamers in general. And with the current competition in the market, they are making more and more cost-effective yet efficient graphics cards.

One of the most renowned GPUs from GeForce is the GTX 1650. Which lets any avid gamer play at 4k on high graphics settings. But does GTX 1650 need an external power supply like other GPUs of its kind?

The answer is no. The GTX 1650 can operate on its own with the computer’s power supply and consumes very less power, which is why it is a fan favorite. We are going to talk about how much power the 1650 needs and how your existing PSU will work with it in this article. 

Does GTX 1650 Need External Power GPU Power

Does GTX 1650 Need External Power Over the PSU

As we have said earlier, the GeForce GTX 1650 doesn’t require any external power. It only needs 75W of power to function, which it can get from your PSU. 

If you already have a 300W PSU, then you don’t have to worry about adding any extra power supply for your 1650 GPU. 

In terms of performance, it can play all the latest games of the century. Released back in 2019, the GTX 1650 can still run highly configured games with mid to high resolution smoothly. Which is quite impressive!

There are a lot of versions of 1650. We recommend the one with GDDR6 which it already comes with. But make sure that you don’t go for the one with the 6-pin connector, which will require additional connector pins and is a big hassle. 

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How Much Does GTX 1650 GPU Consume While Gaming

We know by now that a GTX 1650 consumes roughly around 75W of power. But while gaming, the consumption goes up a bit. It takes up around 81W of power during high-performance gaming and graphics. Which is understandable.

So if you have a lower PSU, like around 250W, we suggest you get a better one. Which in turn will save you from buying an additional power supply for your GPU. One PSU will be enough if you already have a powerful one. As 1650 doesn’t require additional power.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does GPU need external power?

Yes and no. It depends on how much power it will consume, and if a regular computer can provide that. You can read the instructions and requirements of the GPU before buying it. Which will tell you how much wattage it will consume. And if your existing PSU provides enough power for it, then you won’t require to buy an extra power supply. You can also search for GPUs that don’t require a PSU to know more.

Does GTX 1660 Ti need external power?

Yes. On average usage, the GTX 1660 consumes 120W of power. So you can imagine how much it will go up during heavy usage. Investing in a 400W PSU will do the work just fine. As the other components of the computer will require power of around 250W-300W, an external for the GTX 1660 is required. 

Does the 1650 Super need PCIe power?

Yes. The 1650 Super has a 6-pin PCIe connector that requires a modern PC or motherboard in general. If you already have an advanced setup with a 450W PSU, then you don’t have to worry about investing in an alternative PCIe power supply.

Does the Zotac 1650 need external power?

No. A Zotac 1650 card just needs 75W to perform. Under heavy loads, it goes up to 80W tops. So an existing 300W power supply unit will work fine with it. 


GTX 1650 series cards have a lot of variants and are all good from their desired sector. Some of them require more or less power depending on their special qualities. So read your requirement manual before buying or ordering.

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