Dye-Sub Keycaps Vs Double Shot Keycaps | Which Keycaps Are Better?

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If you are looking for key-caps of high quality then the dye-sublimation or dye-sub and double shot key-caps are widely chosen ones. Basically, they are the manufacturing methods for making high-end keycaps. Both these methods produce durable keycaps with aesthetic looks, comfortable feels, and top-notch quality.

Are you confused between choosing dye-sub and double-shot keycaps? For a quick comparison, if you’re fond of backlit then double shot should get your call as the dye-sub keycaps are not suitable for a backlit keyboard.

In today’s article, we’re here with the comparison between the Dye-sub and Double shot keycaps. To clear up your confusion, go through the article and grab the suitable one for you. Let’s begin then.

Dye-Sub Keycaps Vs Double Shot

Dye-Sub Keycaps Vs Double Shot: Which One to Choose?

Here we’ve provided the side-by-side comparison of Dye-Sub Keycaps and Double Shot keycaps.

Differentiate ParametersDye-Sub KeycapsDouble Shot Keycaps
Printing Process of LegendUse a laser to print the legendsDouble layered. Legends are provided between the layers.
The life span of Keycaps LegendsFade away with timeLifetime longevity
Color VarietiesFewerRobust
Compatibility with RGB KeyboardsNoYes
Keycap MaterialPBTABS/PBT/POM

Here we have interpreted the Differentiate parameters. It’ll help you to choose the right one more easily.

1. Printing Process of Legend Font

Dye-sublimated aka Dye-sub keycaps legends is made by laser process and dyeing. On the surface of the upper keycap, a laser is used to provide the legends. Whereas the double shot uses injection molding while inserting the legend. Basically, the legend is provided in a sandwich method. They are provided in the middle of two plastic layers.

With time, the legends of Dye-sub keycaps faded away as they are provided by printing method but the legends of Double shot keycaps stay forever because of the injecting method.

2. Color Varieties

The Dye-sub keycaps come with fewer variations of color whereas the double shot comes with a robust variety of colors. The reason for the few color variations of the Dye-sub keycaps is, they use the printing process for the legends. For this reason, the keycaps need to be lighter for clear visibility of the legends.

3. Aesthetic Keycaps

Both of the keycaps provide an aesthetic look. But here double shot will take the lead. As we’ve mentioned that double-shot keycaps have a robust variety of colors and they can also use in the RGB keyboard. For an RGB keyboard, you can’t use the Dye-sub keycaps because of their printing process.

For this purpose, the Double shot takes the lead with vast color options and RGB compatibility.

4. Build Material

Both of the keycaps are made from PBT aka Polybutylene Terephthalate. But sometimes you will find some double shot keycaps that use Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Polyoxymethylene as the build material. But most of the time PBT is used for producing the double shot keycaps.

The PBT is one of the best materials out on the market and keycaps with this material is so popular in the mechanical keyboard universe. It provides top-notch durability and a smooth feel to the keycaps. Another advantage of this material is, the texture of the keycap doesn’t wear out.

Our Verdict

If you’re willing to have budget-friendly keycaps with lighter color and durability then the dye-sub keycaps should get your call. The build material is too good and the keycaps will charge you less.

But if you don’t have a budget issue or you’re an RGB freak then you can go for Double shot keycaps. Though they also can be used on non-RGB keyboards. The build quality is the same as dye-sub but double-shot keycaps ensure the lifetime longevity of the legends.

Now, it’s on you.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Dye Sub better than a double shot?

If you keep the RGB and legend longevity then it’s a YES. Because the material of both keycaps is the same. And Dye sub cost less than a double shot. So, for this reason, yes, it is better.

How long do dye-sub prints last?

The lifespan of dye-sub legends is almost 10 years. After that time period, the legends of the keycaps faded away.


We hope that all of your confusion is cleared by now. The double shot comes with a more aesthetic look whereas the dye-sub has less in this department. But if you put aside this department, you’ll find out the same build quality. But if you don’t have a financial issue and want keycaps for lifetime purposes then the double-shot keycaps will be the actual one for you.

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