How to Solve GPT Protective Partition Problem Without Data Loss

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You might be very tensed seeing that your newly connected HDD (Hard Disk Drive) or someone other’s HDD with much valuable data is not showing up on your computer. Maybe it is showing as GPT Protective Partition in Disk Manager but not in File Explorer, and you need those data verily. Don’t worry and be calm; there has a solution. If you are searching on Google for What is and How to solve a GPT Protective Partition in Windows 10, a problem without data loss.  then you are in the right place. This article will help you most, and It will also help you to find the exact software tool which will be the best option to use. So, keep reading and enrich your knowledge.


What’s and Why – GPT Protective Partition?

gpt-potective-partition solve

You might think, how do I remove GPT protective partition without losing data? Before finding out an effective way to remove the “Protected partition” sign from your installed Windows Operating System, you must have clear knowledge about what GPT Protective Partition is. I will say that it is not a problem at all, it is a compatibility issue in your Operating System that lets Windows fail to detect your hard disk drive and its volumes correctly.  You may know that the GPT is the abbreviation for GUID Partition Table and GUID for Globally Unique Identifier. It allows a more flexible partition styling mechanism for hard disk drives compared with the older style like Master Boot Record(MBR) and is now universally applied on most Windows operating systems, excluding the Windows 32-bit Operating Systems. Let’s explain with an example, and you may understand it. When a user connects a GPT formatted hard disk drive to a 32-bit Windows computer, Windows Explorer will not show you this drive and its partitions. It does not allow for access because 32-bit Operating Systems see it as a protected drive. Even maybe the Disk Management window will not show you this disk in some cases. As a result, data becomes inaccessible.

The solution or fix of  GPT Protective Partition

To solve or to make it usable again the “protective partition” issue on a Format GPT protective partition, there are two specified methods available. One Option is opening Diskpart command-line utility, and another is using a Third-party GPT to MBR conversion tool.

The first option provides you to clean the GPT Protective Partition. Just follow the steps below;


Warning: If your hard drive has essential data then Backup all of your data in another GPT supported computer before converting the disk from GPT to MBR because these steps will destroy your data. You can use Hard drive data wiping service if you want to wipe your data permanently. 

  1. Open CMD or command prompt window by pressing Win+R on your keyboard.
  2. Type Diskpart (in small letter) into the cmd window and press Enter.
  3. Type list disk (as written) and press Enter. Then make a note of the disk numbers you want to convert to disk 1, disk 2.
  4. Type select disk DiskNumber just like “select disk 1.”
  5. Now type clean and press Enter. After hitting the enter, the clean command will entirely delete all volumes on the selected disk drive.
  6. At the command prompt window, type “convert MBR” just as written here. It will convert the selected hard drive into MBR styled disk.

You will get the confirmation message into the command prompt window.  Now Disk Management will show your drive as unallocated space. Create your new MBR partitions using Disk Management window. You will not get any error, but it is sure that this process will delete all your previous data

A solution of  GPT Protective Partition Without Lossing Data

If you do not want to lose your data, then you have to use third-party software. I will introduce you to some software that will convert your disk GPT to MBR or vice versa without losing data. You can use one of them without any hesitation. Keep in mind that this article is not a review of that software. You will know how to do it by that software only.

Ease US Data Recovery Wizard

Ease US convert step1
Ease US convert step2

Step 1. Install Ease US Data recovery wizard and open it. This software will show you the protective partitioned drive in its file explorer. Select and click “Scan” the GPT protective partition where you’re trying to export data.

Ease US convert data-step3

Step 2. Firstly EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will start a “Quick Scan.” If “Quick Scan” completes, then the software will automatically start a “Deep Scan.” Don’t stop it because “Deep Scan” can recover more files than a quick scan by profoundly scanning into the file indexes. But it takes more time.

Ease Us last OK and apply

Step 3. After a full “Deep Scan” you can see and select the files or folders you want to recover by file types. After selecting click “Recover” button on the left bottom side of the window to recover files. I will suggest choosing a different location instead of the Protective hard drive because saving data on the same disk will overwrite the previous data.

After safely recovering the data from GPT protective partition drive to another storage device, you can just convert GPT protective partition to MBR by this software. Another software of Ease US named “Ease US partition Master-Free edition” will do the same work by clicking a button only but this software has no recovery system like “Ease US data recovery wizard.” Ease US partition master will also convert your disk drive without losing data.

Like the image above Select the drive which you want to convert to MBR. Then click “Apply” on the home screen of the software. All data is safe with EaseUS Partition Master -Free Edition. The next process of the software will do the rest.

Download link:

  1. Ease US Data recovery wizard:
  2. Ease US partition Master-Free edition:

AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition

As a Standard Edition of this software, AOMEI provides many specially designed features for performing some complicated disk problems which are nearly not possible to do reasonably. Converting GPT to MBR or vice versa is one of those tasks. As for the function of “convert GPT to MBR,” This magical tool can settle it very quickly and securely. It also has a clear demonstration of its visual interface on how to do the operations of the hard drive. Just download and install the partition management software to convert your hard disk drive to MBR without losing data.

Steps to Follow

AOMI step 1
AOMI Apply

Step-1: After installing safely, Open AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition, and right-click on the mouse over the disk you to change to MBR and then choose to “Convert to MBR Disk” or you will find this feature on the left column of the software window, just click it.

Step-2: After appearing a new pop up window click OK to continue the next operation.


Step-3: The pop-up window will preview your selected disk converted condition into MBR. Here you can discard also, but to operate subsequent processes finally, click Apply on the top-left of the window.

You should know that MBR disk style can only support up to 2TetaByte disk partition size. If you have a disk of larger than 2TetaByte, then you must go for GPT partition style must. AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition can give you great support to convert MBR to GPT in that case without losing any data from your hard drive.

Download link:

Access GPT Protective Partition Data by MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition

When you see your hard drive or partition of your hard drive becomes a “GPT protective partition, ” and there is no access to data in it,  MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition is a great tool to solve this problem of your computer. You have to keep in mind that it’s not a problem at all, it a compatibility issue for your personal computer or laptop. In most cases, if your machine is decidedly older or you have a 32-bit Operating system in it then this problem occurs. Then, install and open MiniTool Power Data Recovery software to free from data loss issues effectively. This free edition of MiniTool Power Data Recovery only allows you to recover no more than 1GB of data, so it will be better if you buy a license for a professional edition to deny the limitation.

Necessary Steps to Access Data and Fix GPT Protective Partition Problem

Minitool step 1
Minitool step 2_1

Step 1: After installing on your computer open MiniTool data recovery software and you will see five extraordinary features. Among them click over “Damaged Partition Recovery” from the software’s main window. It will scan your connected storage devices.

minitool step2-0

Step 2: the scan result will show you the connected device and all partitions of them. From the list select the GPT protective disk or partition and click on “Full Scan” to scan over whole protective drive. You can make a custom search by choosing file types from settings.

Step 3: Using preview feature of this tool, take a close look through the found files from the search carefully and select and mark your needed ones or all data to save by pressing “Save” button. But keep in mind that change your save location to another drive to avoid file overwritten.

Step4: After accessing your data, now you want to remove the GPT protective form your drive. You can do it by command prompt as I mentioned in my first option or use another GPT to MBR converting tool that will convert your disk to MBR and make it visible, writeable or accessible to your computer.

Download link:

Equipment Destruction Tips

Sometimes the unwanted equipment needs to be replaced and to destroy so that no one can use it again. In this case, Certified Equipment Destruction Service can help you destroy the defective hardware. You must not throw it away because it would be the worst experience for you if anyone recovers the data.


When a user falls into “GPT protective partition” related problem they naturally ask the following two questions to the experts:

  1. how can I recover essential data from a GPT protective partition drive?
  2. how to convert the GPT protected drive accessible and appear in Windows Explorer.

In this whole article, I tried most to answer those questions. If you read carefully, then I hope you will find exact answers to those most asked questions. And you will also find additional information on a GPT protected partition and MBR disk style.

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