USB Symbols | How to Identify USB Symbols in Computer

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USB is such a technology that allows connecting an electronic device to a computer.  USBs are used in parallel ports, and series ports and about six million USBs are available all over the world. Basically, USBs are vastly used on a PC and there you will find USB ports with different symbols. 

Well, these symbols carry different meanings and if you are looking for the meaning then this article can help you to enrich your knowledge. So, to learn in-depth about USB symbols, go through this entire article. Let’s begin then.

USB Symbols

USB: An Overview

USB drives offer a tremendous amount of versatility. These can be identified with USB symbols. You can format or encrypt them, or even make Windows bootable USBs. You can also format USBs that are write-protected or even remove the write protection.

Nowadays, maximum electronics devices have free sockets for connecting USB. The USB connection is very simple. Every USB has a unique symbol for individual connections. The device’s ports carry a unique symbol for USB connections. The port where the USB symbol remains, it is very helpful to use the USB port for the right purpose. The USB symbols carry some significance to make the users understanding of the use of that particular port.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

USB Symbol Meaning

Symbols are used to represent functions, specifications, company or warning, etc. The computer uses thousands of symbols to represent functions of various operations. USBs are very commonly used in computers for various purposes. So, on the computer, there are some USB symbols. These USB symbols represent the different operations of USB. To know the meaning of USB symbols is very important because USB symbols are mostly seen symbols in the laptop, android, and many electronic devices.

The USB is the industry standard that has revolutionized the way of connecting various devices. The symbols of USB are designed in a way that represents a theory. The symbols represent the problems they can solve and represents the extensibility of the standard. USB trident symbolizes the technological power like other trident symbolizes power. But each of the parts of the symbol represents a unique capability.

The arrow represents the serial data that carry bits of 1s or 0s to cover all the information. The voltage by which the USB works is also represented. The USB operates at 5V is symbolled by the circle and the negative voltage or the ground voltage is represented by the square. So, the USB symbol is very meaningful by its structure.

USB Symbols Type

There are different kinds of USB are available. These USBs are differently operating and their structure is varied from each other. As the symbol defines the properties of the USBs, the types of these USB symbols are also different. There are various USBs such as micro, mini, USB 2, USB 3, USB 3.1 gen 2, etc.

 These USB symbols define the type of the USB and make it easier for the user to connect the proper USB cable into the USB port. The USB symbols are located in the USB port. Maximum USB symbols consist of three sections. One is an arrow, the other is a circle and another is a square. Normally we mostly familiar with USB 2. USB 2 and USB 3 symbols are varied with two ‘S’ before the usual logo of USB. For generation 2, USB 3.0 is symbolized with an additional ‘10’ pointed on the top of the logo.

Sometimes, the charging port of USB is defined as a charging icon. If the USB port has both charging capability and USB 3.0 configurations, then these two symbols are located together beside the port. There are also male and female USB symbols in some advanced technologies.

USB Symbols With Battery

The USB port supports charging capability in your devices. Sometimes, an extra charging icon is placed with the USB symbol on the port of your devices. The symbol represents the allowance of charging devices. You can charge your devices any time even if your laptop is in sleep mode with USB. All USB ports don’t support the charging process.

If the USB port has a charging icon with the USB symbol, then it allows charging. This symbol means that it allows charging even if the laptop shuts down or in sleeping mode.

USB Symbols With Battery

There are three ports. From the symbols, we can say that two of them are USB ports. But there is a difference between these two ports. In the middle port, there is a charging icon with the USB symbol. So, only the middle port is capable to charge. The other USB port doesn’t allow charging.

USB Symbols With a Lightning Bolt

The lightning bolt in the USB port is an indicator that means this port is powered. It is powered by a standby [aawp link=”B0BDKRZM62″ title=”power supply”/]. It provides power even if the computer is turned off. So, it can not only supply power for charging though the laptop is shut down but also turns the laptop on after connecting a device on this port. This symbol also represents that it provides a higher power than usual.

USB symbol with lightning port represents a high powered USB port. Using this USB port with the lightning bolt, you can charge up your devices faster than normal USB. Now, the high power USB with a lightning bolt is very available.

How to Identify USB Ports Symbols in Computer

As there are different USBs available, the properties of these USBs are also different. But all the USB ports look alike. So, it is difficult to understand their uses just to see ports. Here, some USB symbols by which we can identify the proper USB ports by their symbols. There is blue, yellow, and charging port are available in the USB port. Observing the color of the USB port is a unique technique to identify the USB ports.

  • Sometimes the manufacturer hasn’t provided symbols, then it becomes easier to identify the USB port. When the color of the USB port is blue, then it is an indicator that the USB port is USB 3.0 port.
How to Identify USB Ports Symbols in Computer
  • When the port is yellow, then it defines that the port is always on. This means that you can use this port even if the laptop isn’t working. You can use it as a charging port anytime.
  • If there is no additional color in the USB port, it can be used as a charging port. You can charge your device with this port. But this normal port has a limitation. The limitation is in power. The power of the port is low. So, it chargers your devices slowly.

How to Identify USB Types Symbols in a Computer

Though USB is a standard connecting peripheral to your systems, all the USB is not the same. But the difference may not catch our eyes. So, to minimize the difficulties of identifying the USB port,  there are several symbols of different USB types. It helps us to identify the correct USB type by seeing its symbol.

  • This is a symbol of the USB 2.0 port. It is a normal USB port.
normal USB port
  • This is a symbol of USB 3.0 port. It is an advanced USB port. The ‘SS’ in this symbol has a significant definition. The ‘SS’ stands for super speed.
 ‘SS’ stands
  • This is also a super speed USB 3.0 port. But this USB port has an extra advantage. This USB port works at a signal of 10 Gbps. And it is easy for us to find the port by the additional ‘10’ mark on the top of the symbol. And this mark keeps the symbol different from the USB 3.0 port.
  • This symbol represents that this USB port not only works at their particular functions but also can be used as a charging port. And it charges your devices faster than any other USB port.
any other USB port.
  • This symbol is known as USB4. These are the most modern types of USB connection. These ports provide speed up to 40Gbps. And they can be used for data transfer, audio, video, and charging.


USB is very important in daily life for different purposes. The various types of USB help us to work with their specific benefits. But it is a little bit hard to select the particular USB by their looks. So, USB symbols are very helpful in finding the proper USB port. If you select the wrong USB port, it won’t operate as it should be. When you connect your device in a certain USB port, your device will charge faster than the rest USB ports.

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