How to Turn Off Macro Razer Blackwidow?

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All you have to do to switch off your Macro Razer Blackwidow is hold down the Fn key while pressing the Esc key. This will disable all macros on your keyboard. Simply press the Fn key once more then the Esc key to re-enable them.

There is a new mechanical keyboard in the Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma range from Razer. The keyboard can remember in-game settings and be configured using in-game tutorials or Razer Synapse. Few know how to disable Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition Chroma macro keys.

How to Turn Off Macro Razer Blackwidow

How Macro Razer Blackwidow Is?

Macro Razer Blackwidow lets you build macros for your Keyboard. This can be helpful when playing video games or when making shortcuts for boring jobs. Razer Blackwidow macros can be disabled by opening the software and selecting the Macro tab. Then select the Disable button. 


Despite being a fantastic gaming keyboard, there are a few things you should be aware of before using the Razer Blackwidow. 

  • First, ensure sure the BIOS on your machine is current. 
  • Second, you can turn off macro keys in the Keyboard’s settings if you don’t feel comfortable using them. 
  • Third, remember that the Razer Blackwidow’s lights might be annoying, so if you need to concentrate, you might want to turn them off.

How to Turn Off Macro Razer Blackwidow – Synapse Software or Manually

There are various methods you can use to disable the macros on your Razer BlackWidow keyboard.

1. Synapse Software

Either the Synapse program or the hardware can be used to perform the task manually. The first method is more straightforward because you won’t need to search Windows for the appropriate device driver. Next, launch Synapse and choose to disable all Macros.

2. Manually

Unplug your device and turn off USB mode in Windows’ keyboard settings to disable them manually. Plug in your device without turning the USB mode back on to remove any previously programmed macros.

Things that I Need

Here are a few things you’ll need.

  • A computer with the Razer Synapse 3 program installed
  • The power supply for the Keyboard’s Razer BlackWidow keyboard
  • An extremely tiny Phillips screwdriver
  • Anything similar to a paperclip

Solutions for Turning Off Macro Razer Blackwidow

These methods can help you solve your problems.

  • Click Start
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Ease of Access
  • Select Keyboard
  • Locate Toggle Keys Section
  • Check ‘Turn On Toggle Keys’

Click Start

The first step in shutting off your macro Razer Blackwidow is to click the start button. A menu will show after you have clicked the start button. 

You should select Control Panel from this menu. There will be a Macros option in the control panel. Select none after clicking this option. Your Razer Blackwidow’s macros will all be disabled by doing this.

Select Settings

On the Razer BlackWidow, launch the Synapse 2.0 Configurator and select the Macro tab to turn off macro recording and playback. Ensure that the Enable Macro Playback and Enable Macro Recording checkboxes are not set on the Macro account. You may even get rid of already-created macros by choosing them and pressing the Delete button.

Click on Ease of Access

If you’re using a Razer Blackwidow and wish to disable the macro feature, click the Ease of Access icon. Next, select Keyboard from the drop-down menu, then uncheck the item next to Use all F1, F2, etc., as regular function keys. With this, all critical macros on your Razer Blackwidow will be disabled.

Select Keyboard

Open the Synapse program and choose the Keyboard tab to turn off the macros on your Razer BlackWidow. Next, select the Macro button before selecting the Clear All Macros button. All of your Keyboard’s macros will be turned off as a result. You can remove a specific macro by clicking the Delete button next to it if you want to disable it.

Locate Toggle Keys Section

Finding the Toggle Keys area in the Settings menu is the first step. You may find this by launching the Razer Synapse app and selecting the Settings tab. Next, choose Toggle Keys from the menu.

Check ‘Turn On Toggle Keys’

There are several ways to disable macro recording on your Razer Blackwidow keyboard. 

The simplest method is to select “Turn On Toggle Keys” in the System Preferences. By doing so, the macro recording feature will be switched off and can’t unintentionally be activated. To turn off the macro recording feature, use the Fn + F9 buttons. In addition, the Keyboard can be turned off by unplugging it from your computer or cutting the Bluetooth signal.

What Are the Benefits of Turn Off Macro Razer Blackwidow?

It also offers certain advantages, as shown in the list below. As you can see from the list below, 

  • They can also assist you in enhancing your gaming abilities, providing you with an advantage over your rivals.
  • Macro keys let you customize your Razer Blackwidow keyboard.
  • Macros can be turned off easily, so you won’t accidentally trigger them.

What Are the Disadvantages of Turn Off Macro Razer Blackwidow?

It can be rather challenging to disable the macro function on a Razer Blackwidow, which is one of its most significant drawbacks. This could be an issue if you want to utilize your Keyboard for typing or other activities like gaming. Furthermore, Blackwidow’s macros occasionally interact with other software on your computer. Another drawback is that the macro keys are in an odd spot on the Keyboard, making them hard to reach.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I turn off macro mode on Razer Blackwidow?

Press and hold the Fn key, which is situated in the bottom left corner of your Keyboard, to turn off macro mode on your Razer Blackwidow. Next, press and let go of the Macro one key while holding down the Fn key (located above the F1 key). The macro mode should now be disabled, as shown by a light on your Keyboard.

How do I turn off macros on my Keyboard?

Open the Razer Synapse application and select the Macro tab to turn off macros on your Razer BlackWidow. You can choose the checkbox next to each macro to disable it or manually select the Disable All Macros button. Then, repeat the process and click the Enable All Macros button to re-enable macros.


You may turn off macros on your Razer BlackWidow keyboard by launching the Razer Synapse application and choosing the “Macro” option. After that, you can altogether disable macros or specifically disable each macro you have built. You can also do this by pressing the Fn + F11 keys on your Keyboard if you temporarily need to disable macros (for instance, when gaming).

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