How to Charge Laptop with HDMI

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Has your laptop charger been damaged and stopped charging? And you are curious about finding a new way to charge your laptop?

Nowadays, a laptop is supposed to be the most important organ for every person. The main feature of a laptop is its portability & you can carry it wherever you want, whenever you want. And this makes it quite different from other devices. 

Moreover, a charger is the basic essential that allows you to charge your laptop. But sometimes, there might occur worst cases like charger breakage or misplacement. Then, you might think about how to charge the laptop without the charger.

Well! charging without a charger is not a big deal. You might have heard about the HDMI cable charging system. It’s a handy way to charge the device. 

There are a lot of ways to charge the laptop with the help of an HDMI cable. You just need to know the proper procedure to charge your laptop through it.

If you don’t know the methods and are here to know how to charge a laptop with HDMI, then this article will help in various aspects. You will know how to turn on a laptop without a charger & how to charge a battery without a laptop.

Doesn’t it seem interesting? Let’s explore together every possible way of charging a laptop using an HDMI cable.

How to Charge Laptop with HDMI

Can An HDMI Cable Be Used for Charging?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is the updated version of conventional three-pin connections for audio and video.

The basic function of the HDMI cable is to connect various devices like laptops, projectors, tv, and many more multimedia devices. It may also be used for laptop charging. 

Most of the computers support USB cables for charging. So, if you want to charge a laptop with HDMI, your laptop must support this feature before.

When you are stuck in such a critical moment that your laptop charger malfunctions and you have no other options like grabbing a new charger, then if you have an HDMI port-supported laptop, you are good to go.

An HDMI cable provides a very small amount of current that is used to charge a laptop and doesn’t have the same regulator as your usual charger to ensure the correct current passes. That’s why it doesn’t suit all electrical appliances.

Still, if you are in a pickle, an HDMI cable could save the day!

Can the Laptop be Charged With USB-A & USB-C?

If you would be able to charge your laptop with USB-C or not, totally depends on the type of USB port that your laptop belongs to.

When you use a wired keyboard or mouse and unplug these from your laptop, you will notice a rectangular connector at one end of that cord.

The metal piece of the cord that is inserted into your laptop is called a type-A USB connector. This connector is the most common USB connector.

It is so unfortunate that you cannot use USB A for laptop charging. Though it exchanges some amount of data, it is incapable of providing a larger amount of charging power for your laptop.

However, there is another connector offered by USB 3.1. That is USB type C which is more oval than USB type A. Most devices include a built-in USB-C port.

Most devices support this USB-C port. So, don’t worry if you break the one for your laptop unintentionally. You can borrow one from your power bank until you fix the previous one.

This type C connector is designed in such a way so that it can transfer high wattage power and performs a task with even more speed. 

In a nutshell, it is so sure that you cannot charge your laptop using a USB type A connector. But you can charge it with a USB-C connection.

How to Charge Laptop With HDMI

It is very normal to forget laptop chargers and instantly notice that the laptop is running out of battery. In such an instance, knowing an alternative way of charging is a lifesaver.

HDMI cord charging may come to help at such times which defines a super handy charging system.

So, if you are searching for the procedures for charging a laptop with an HDMI cable, look below to get a better concept –

  1. Using HDMI Cable Supported TV:

TV is the handiest source that is easily available to charge your laptop. But before you need to be sure that the TV has an HDMI port.

At present, almost all laptops are featured with HDMI support. But not all laptops pursue the HDMI charging option. So, it is very important to look over it before.

To charge your laptop without a charger, with the help of HDMI, you just need to connect one end of the HDMI cable to an LED TV or switch on the TV and using the connector, connect another end to the laptop. This way, you are done with the connection without using many accessories.

  1. Using Type-C Port:

When your laptop doesn’t contain an HDMI port, this method applies to that situation. Nowadays, all advanced laptops have type-c ports which provide a lot of options to connect and charge devices. Here are the steps to charge a laptop with an HDMI cable and type-c cord-

  • Connect one side of the HDMI cable with your TV.
  • Then, connect the other end to a type-c converter.
  • After that, you can use type-c cords to connect the laptop’s type-c cable to the converter.

Though you need to carry one converter additionally, this method performs better than the previous one.

Is HDMI Cable Safe for Laptop Charging?

Using an HDMI cable for charging is not a good option at all. It is made for sharing multimedia, not to charge laptops. Also, the voltage levels of the HDMI cable are low which needs more time to charge. So, it may affect the laptop’s battery very badly.

Frequently Asked Question(FAQs)

1. Are USB ports useful for laptop charging?

Ans: USB ports are not that useful for laptop charging. USB ports usually supply power to plugins into other devices. It also indicates that all battery solutions must be connected to USB ports for your laptop.

2. Is it possible to charge the laptop with another laptop?

Ans: Yes, it is possible. Just put your laptop’s battery on a laptop of another brand. Then, it can be charged and kept back. But you must be sure that the battery contains the amount of voltage as the original one. If it doesn’t match, don’t risk the laptop.


You don’t know when you will feel the need for an adapter. So, always remember to carry an adapter with your laptop. 

But don’t worry if you don’t have an adapter to charge your laptop. There are many other alternatives. You just need to know how to charge your laptop without having a charger.

Charging a laptop through an HDMI cable is not a tough task. But it appears as an ineffective method of charging. As it provides less power, it will cost a huge time for charging.

Don’t take it as a permanent solution. Always keep in mind that HDMI charging may weaken your laptop battery and lessen the lifespan of your device. So, try to buy a new charger as soon as possible by checking its voltage & power program.

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