How to Hook Up Cable Box to TV Without HDMI

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If you want to play your TV and watch and listen, then you must need connectors such as HDMI, component video cable, composite video cable, or HDMI converter, to get the connection from receivers. All TVs do not have all types of connecting options for different types of cables or extending purposes. The latest one has the HDMI cable option and this is the best one both for audio and video purpose in a single cable. But if your TV does not have the HDMI option or your TV is an older one, then you have to look for alternative methods to hook up a cable box to a TV.

How to Hook Up Cable Box to TV Without HDMI FI

How to Hook Up Cable Box to TV

There are several methods to hook up your cable box to a TV except for HDMI. They are:

  1. Composite Video Cables;

2. Component Video Cables;

3. HDMI Converter;       

4. RF Cable.

All these can be easily used to hook up your cable box to your TV. You can also hook up an antenna to the TV. But you have to check your TV and cable box’s input side before buying any of the cable options because you can check whether it has HDMI, DVI, or other connectors. If you have a composite option, then go for that. Here I am giving you the full procedure of hooking up the cable boxes to the TV below one by one. So let’s get started.

Composite Video Cables

If your TV and the cable box have the composite option, then you should go with the Composite Video Cables option. In this section, you will get three cables. One is yellow and the other two are red and white. The yellow one goes for the video section and the other two are for the audio section.

After buying the required cables, you have to hook up one side of the cable with the cable box and another side with your TV’s backside. You have to follow the color and according to that, you have to give the connection.

 After hooking up, you have to go for your remote and in the input menu, you have to select the composite option to make this thing work. Now you can easily power up and have a good journey in watching TV.

Composite Video Cables

Component Video Cables

This connector has multiple cables for video only and two more cables for audio. There are three cables for this audio purpose. They are green, blue and red. There are two cables for audio purposes and they are white and red.

You just have to connect these cables with the required cable points in both cable boxes as well as on TV. After the connection, you have to power on your TV and go-to the source or input option from your remote, and then set the option to the component.

After setting up the input to the component, you are ready to with the flow.

Component Video Cables

HDMI Converter

If there is a situation where you have an HDMI option for only your cable box but do not have an HDMI option on your TV, then you have to go for the HDMI converter. This can be also vice versa. If one side is for HDMI and the other side is for RCA YPBPR, then this is the only way to survive.

HDMI is only one cable both for audio and video and so which side has the HDMI connector, there you have to connect that. On the other side, you have to hook up the RCA side according to the color.

Thus the connection is completed successfully. Now you have to go to the setting and make the source or input according to your connection side. If the picture resolution is not good, then you can go to the image aspect ratio and then set the ratio to the 1080p high-definition option. Thus the connection is complete.

HDMI Converter

RF Connector

If your TV is old enough, then this is the only option to hook up a cable box with a TV. For this, you just have to connect one side to your TV’s backside and another to the cable box. This RF is only a coaxial cable with a copper pin in the middle of the connector. So the connection is quite easy.

After the completion of the RF connector, you just have to set the source as a tuner and set the channel to three or four. Thus the work is done.

RF Connector


The procedure of hooking up cable boxes with the TV without HDMI is quite simple. So you just need to follow the above procedure. But the most important part is to look at the connector sides of both the TV and Cable box. According to the connectors requirement you have to buy one and go for hooking up according to the procedure. If you are interested to know about smart TV boxes, then we can suggest this amazing writing.

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